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i know a lot of health care employees are worried or concerned they may be on the ladder from verbal warning to written warnings and then fired. for many this is not an unrealistic fear it is something which is affecting their... Read More

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    just adding........ I'm from Boston and sometimes it really does take a tea party to reform what's wrong with things
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    It seems that my reply was lost when I went to get a smilie for it....... Oh monitor!
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    Write to your local newspapers about your treatment. There really is nothing you can do fighting them - they will lie and lie and lie to win. However, getting the truth out about them will tarnish their reputation. Maybe that will cause some change in the industry, knowing it won't be kept behind closed doors.
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    It's important that many nurses who were victims of similar unlawful firings, write about that in local newspapers, as one report can indicate that one malcontent who possibly deserved it, was terminated. Not everyone realizes how expensive litigation is.

    It may be possible to contact your minister, pastor, rabbi or other religious official, to speak up at services/community committees where you can convince many people of your intention to see that the experience you had, won't be repeated. If you have good public speaking skill, this can be very effective, and others may speak up about their own bad treatment at the place where you were employed. It's very good therapy to express what happened to you.

    On the other hand, in smaller communities, that can ruin chances for attaining other work.......
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    change must begin in the facility before ruining any chance of working in that city/town because of speaking out in the public one must begin change when the bullying begins
    start with HR we are employees at will therefor can be let go for any inane reason and all hiring managers know this
    I have found that the day shift sticks together to bully the other shifts ( not all join in )
    but I also found that speaking up to the DON makes a huge difference it's like a warning shot
    I know what's going on and it won't be tolerated kind of message
    it has worked so far
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    well i have not in a million years thought this was what I would be up against as a new nurse, and I was very naive. This very thing has happened to me, due to politics and dysfunctional isolated nurses and managers I never knew what I was up against in all this time. I can't even begin to explain the length of what happened, but I have read some others' experiences here and know that termination DOES really happen due to conniving nurse and nurse mgrs! And being new I hadn't any idea that my position was being deliberately and intentionally threatened by fake and false claims that could be proven otherwise if someone would have looked at it more carefully. I should have got a lawyer who could shred the information for the facts. Thanks others for posting as it really helps to expose the truth about the politics of institutions and people in these fields, the brutal abuse of power that ruins the lives of others. I wish 20/20 would do an expose on the nurse bullying and conniving managers. I recently read an article about office politics and a comparison to the show Survivor. It was a great perspective on how to "win" the million dollars, or hence keep your job!
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    :redpinkhe Welcome, sentientrn! Glad you spoke up, too. Your sharing helps others as well. I know it's not fun rehashing the career trauma. I like how you simply stated, "I can't even begin to explain..." and also your comparison to 'Survivor'! It is hard to believe there are really people out there like that who spend their day getting off on seeking out trouble for others, e.g. just silly write-ups so they can create a 'pattern of unprofessional behavior' in order to get rid of you. If anyone recognizes this 'pattern of uncalled for write-ups' when you really did nothing wrong, just get out if can or transfer if you can, it's not worth letting them get you first. Save your dignity, and your resume, too. Wonder how violets spring is doing?

    Sorry this was your intro to your nursing career, sentientrn. You work so hard to get through school. Maybe we should learn 'Survivor' skills in nursing school. How to handle backstabbing, total BS write-ups, non-nurse managers who don't always respect your skills, talents, nursing strengths, etc., etc. The work itself is demanding enough without the uncalled for stress of uncalled for write ups. I never heard of HR doing anything but siding with management but I'd love to hear from someone who they did help out of unfair bullying, write ups, etc. We really need a nursing union in every hospital and/or nursing facility. Remember, Norma Rae? I loved that movie! Sally Fields rocks!
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    I have a friend who is a seasoned nurse, who is being bullied and descriminated by another seasoned nurse at this time. My friend got written up for a false accusation. It appears that her manager is ineffective and believes the first person who goes to her office to complain, this manager does not investigate she just goes ahead and gives written warnings. My friend is in a state of shock
    I have advised her to go and speak with HR.
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    Don't you wish you could go back in time and somehow undo these bad experiences?

    Me I only hope that when these people die the angel of death makes them look at what they did to other people over the years and they have to suffer for it. I just cannot understand the bully mentality and I know that they pick people who like myself prefer to avoid confrontations
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    dealing with HR is a waste of time in some places the one in place now deals with 7 facilities plus all those power lunches and outings with the owners geez she must work 12 hr days lol
    they are paid well and unless it is a racial or sexual issue she always sides with the facility
    there are many " are you kidding me" stories just from this group of facilities
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