Ventilator/LTAC facitlities in Illinois?? Ventilator/LTAC facitlities in Illinois?? | allnurses

Ventilator/LTAC facitlities in Illinois??

  1. 0 Anyone know of or how to locate a Long term acute care facility in Illinois?
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    Seems there is one in southern illinois, maybe belville, carbondale area. Dont remember the exact location though sorry.
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    Contact the Medicaid office in the city in Illinois where you live. Obtain a list of exceptional level of care long term care facilities. There are quite a few vent LTCs in Illinois - many near Chicago, one near Quincy, I believe. However, the list changes and you need updated info. Good luck. Another way would be to contact a hospital case manager at a local hospital.
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    Vencor... now called Kindred, I believe...for vent dependent, short/ extended term/ extensive wound care

    Also Check out

    You can check out every LTC facility on that website... I know b/c I look at it frequently...They have links to Il Dept public health surveys, news releases on which facilities have been disciplined & why....
    It even has a link that lets you know the population of the facility, address, # of employees... I am not sure how often that section is updated, but there are portions of it that are updated daily.

    I have worked quite a few of the LTC agencies in the chicago burbs.... if you have any questions, feel free to private message me & I will let you know, what I know about the facilities that I have been to...
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