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Don't you love it when you book months in advance for a vacation or a holiday break, you have approval from your manager, and appropriate time off - ONLY to have your manager later state that you might not be able to take your... Read More

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    If I tried that upon my getting hired I'd be laughed at and told to have a nice day. One doctor I interviewed with told me, repeatedly, that there were 300 people that applied for that position and there was no shortage of good candidates, so doctors and managers have that mentality with us regular nurses. That same doc, when I mentioned I had a young child, immediately asked who would take care of him when he's sick because he had a previous employee miss too much time with sick kids. They don't want to hear you say that you'll be the one taking care of your sick child because, while dad could probably take a day off or my parents could watch him, sick babies just want mama.

    It must be nice to tell employers when you will not work, and to get that much time off! The most I ever got was 2 weeks vacation and 10 sick days! And this isn't meant to be mean, just strictly envious.

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    Quote from Lennonninja
    I'm amazed that you're allowed to take vacation around Christmas, do you not have a holiday rotation? At my previous hospital, no vacation time was allowed in Nov or Dec at all, and we had a holiday rotation so we knew which holidays we'd be working. If you've already gotten the approval, I'd do whatever necessary to get that time though!

    She'd rotate between taking the week before and the week after Christmas, so she technically wasn't "violating" company policy.

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