Urine dip question

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    Someone help me out- I always pour ursine over the multistix so not to contaminate the specimen- getting pushback from someone at work about it. How do you do it & why?


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    I work in a clinic, I have always been trained in 3 separate places to dip it in the actual cup the urine is, pull it out, then read according to the legend on the bottle. Now I curious to know if this in not the right way!
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    Lord sorry for all the typos I am not good at iphone posting.
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    I use a sterile dropper to suck up the urine and then add one drop to each square on the multistix.

    And when theres only a little bit from say a pediatric cath specimen I use a syringe and needle to draw up just a teeny amount which is usually plenty to cover each square therefore not wasting any at all, especially useful when a microscopic or culture is necessary.
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    I take the dipstick and dip it in the specimen cup.

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