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So, I'm new to my unit. Been there about 6mths. The staff collects $26/yr from nurses and $13/yr from CNAs for unit functions involving money such as baby showers, flowers for a death, and for the... Read More

  1. by   bagladyrn
    A general fund for the unit is really preferable to collecting for each event that arises. Otherwise the whole "gift", "flowers", etc. thing can end up looking like a "popularity contest" where some people get a lot of contributions for their wedding, shower, etc. and others are somewhat ignored. A standard fund can eliminate the hurt feelings this sort of thing.
    I'd feel uncomfortable saying "Oh, I like this person so I'll contribute to this one, not that one", even if I only said it to myself!
  2. by   Pepper The Cat
    We call is a social fund on my unit. People who chose to particpate give $4.00/month. You can pay each month, or several months at time. Once a month, we have a cake for all birthdays that month and a small gift. If you don't participate in the fund, then we simply don't have a cake/present for you.
    You say you don't feel like part of this unit. Maybe its because they are sensing that you "don't want to be friends" with them.
  3. by   sjt9721
    Quote from RN4Little1s
    Personally, I would be happy to contribute the $26 (very random amount) and be done with it. Why are they collecting every 2 weeks?
    There are 26 pay periods, so it's a $1/pp.:wink2: