Treating the Muslim patient - page 6

I'm still in my nursing prerequsite phase of college, but I have some concerns about treating Muslim patients and would like some clarification. I'm very eager to make sure my patients are... Read More

  1. by   Cul2
    "Your final paragraph summed up what is wrong with healthcare. Americans see it as a moneymaking business. Canadians and Europeans see it as a basic human right."

    Very true. But what's happening in health care is part of a much bigger picture. Corporate culture, the "for profit" culture, now dominates. It's always been there. America is a capitalist country. But big business now has taken over all aspects of our lives. It was President Eisenhower who first used the phrase, the "Military Industrial Complex." We now have the "Medical Industrial Complex," the "Media Industrial Complex," the "Banking Industrial Complex," the "Educational Industrial Complex," etc. Use a flow chart. You can trace every profit making venture in all these areas back to a very few major corporations who control everything. Follow the money.