Trauma Nursing

  1. Why does all nurses not have Trauma listed as its own specialty? There are plenty of trauma nurses. I would like to see Trauma ICU & Trauma Nursing categories created.
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  3. by   ckh23
    I second that.
  4. by   RNperdiem
    I'm not sure. Does anyone work exclusively with trauma patients?
    I work in surgical ICU at a level 1 trauma center, and there are as many transplant and complex surgery patients as there are trauma patients.
    The patient population is scattered in the hospital depending on the injuries. Head and spine injures typically go to neuro ICU, chest trauma often heads to the cardiothoracic department, orthopedic floors see a lot of trauma. Burned patients are often trauma-related too.
  5. by   Wolf at the Door
    I have worked on a trauma/burn step down unit. The Trauma ICU was around the corner from us. Over time these folks would get transferred to Neuro, Ortho etc.
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  6. by   GitanoRN
    admittedly,i use to worked in trauma (the red zone) as it was known by all medical staff, once the pt.s were stabilized they would be transferred to the 12 bed trauma unit. furthermore, pts. would be taken care by the trauma team including nurses and other specialty staff. in addition, the facility also had a 12 bed trauma observation area where we could monitor the pts. that needed more frequent care during the critical first 24 hours. lastly, as we all know trauma affects every individual in a different manner, this is the reason why i loved working in such a demand field; working side by side with my colleagues. at times i define our work as a ballet in progress, everyone performed to their highest capability. however, it takes a strong determination, dedication, and education for a trauma team to address all the needs required by those who are in need of this specialty.
  7. by   Wolf at the Door
    Thanks for sharing GitanoRN. Never heard of the Trauma Observation Unit.
  8. by   Vespertinas
    Some large hospitals can get very specialized. While smaller hospital SICUs can get transplant, trauma, thoracic, and vascular surgeries and the MICU can get respiratory and infectious disease...larger hospitals can often accommodate dedicated units for each of those specialties. The degree of specificity is limitless so I think it's in our community's best interest to set borders so we can mingle in larger groups.
  9. by   Wolf at the Door
    This is true. Smaller hospitals often have just one ICU.