transfer to another unit? how?

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    I recently have decided that I want to try and transfer units. I have only been on my unit for a couple months, but I know its not a good fit for me. (I'm not a new grad, so its not just an anxiety thing)

    I just applied to one other unit within my hospital, but now I'm concerned that I may get in trouble with my current manager. I don't want to get fired or have any kind of punishment. I just want to try and change units. (back to a previous specialty, that I preferred).

    Has anyone done anything similar?

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    Are you aware of your facility's policy on employee transfers? It's not uncommon to require an employee be on a unit for six months prior to applying for transfer. Be sure of this first.
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    My previous hospital let you apply to transfer after 6 months, my current one requires a year. Check the policy to see when you can start looking. My current manager has a reputation of "not letting people out". Most other floors are afraid to take her people because of her wrath but there is one manager who poaches freely. I would discreetly ask around.
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    I had to work a year on my unit after I got off orientation (new grad). I stayed for two years then wanted to try something else. I made the mistake of applying to another unit before talking to my current manager though, she found out so when I went to talk to her about leaving she wasn't exactly nice about it

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