Is Tramadol part of your Narc count? - page 4

Just wondering. I work a couple of LTCs and LTACs as agency. Some places have Ultram in their lock boxes and its part of the narc count. Others have it in the regular pill drawer. What is your facility practice, and do you know... Read More

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    Tramadol is highly addictive. Work for a drug treatment center that handles healthcare professionals and you'll see. It's politics that got it off the scheduled list (lobbyist power). Just do a search on tramadol addiction and you'll see. Some say it's worse than getting off low dose methadone.

    Darvocet is a narc (look up the scheduled narc laws about locks and counts and that will shed some light why some are highly prescribed, others aren't).

    Vicodin used to be a class lower than percocet (not sure if it still is) but it was just as powerful...all politics when it comes to scheduling

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