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Just wondering. I work a couple of LTCs and LTACs as agency. Some places have Ultram in their lock boxes and its part of the narc count. Others have it in the regular pill drawer. What is your facility practice, and do you know... Read More

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    We have pre-printed count books for schedule 8 (narcotics/drugs of addiction) and schedule 11 (non-narcotic/drugs of dependency) meds. Although tramadol's pre-printed in the schedule 11 book it isn't locked up, perhaps because we use it so rarely that a sudden drop in stock would be obvious.

    After a drug-dependent former staff member stole a PCA key and syringe from a post-op patient (when confronted she said she was the anaesthetist and ceased the infusion on the chart!) we now include PCA keys in the count, which is done TDS at shift change with one person from each shift doing the count.

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    Nope, not counted at my facility. I have two patients on it right now, and it's right in with their routine meds.
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    Quote from AllieSparks
    How many times a day does your facility do a Narc count? Ours is once a day....
    Three times a day, at change of shift.
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    We use an AccuDose where I work, and the meds kept in their are either the controlled substances (those ones will come up as a narc discrepency), emergency meds like Nitro (no count discrepencies, but you have to count how many are left when you take one out just to make sure we don't run out) and commonly given PRN meds like Senna and Phenergen. That we we don't have to wait for pharmacy to send the meds to us to deliver them tot he patients.

    We don't have a "narc count." Narc discrepencies show up on the AccuDose screen.

    Ultram is not in the AccuDose. That is sent from pharmacy and we keep it with a patient's other meds.

    *~Naomi Grace~*
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    I work in a LTC and tramadol was not in the narc count for a while, but then they found a nurse was taking them, so they have since put them in our narc count.
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    Interesting replies. I hadn't given tramadol very much until I started working this one LTC. Seems like everyone is on it scheduled and prn. (the other biggie there is darvocet.) I think it's just the doctor's way of getting away with not prescribing narcotics. Then again, their pain seems pretty well controlled on the tramadol.
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    I agree with the poster who mentioned missed meds. We sometimes count Tylenol and oral antibiotics when accessing the pyxis for them.
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    Not at mine.
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    Nope we don't count it!
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    Wow..I never knew that Ultram can be addictive. I was even being skeptical about the effectiveness of the med. Hmm...we really do live and learn.

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