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What are the top three complaints by patients that you hear on a regular basis, and how do you typically respond? I'll start: Complaint #1) It's freezing in here! Usual response: "Yes, I'd freeze to death if I weren't... Read More

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    We have it all. The top three?
    "The food is lousy!"
    Yes, I know and I am so very sorry. Unfortunately, you are on a cardiac diet. That means low fat, low salt, heart healthy. (I feel bad for Dietary, as most of them strive to do their best and the compliments from patients few and far between).
    "These beds are horrible!"
    Yes, I agree. Being in a hospital bed is never as comfortable and as comforting as being in one's own bed and surrounded by those things that make a space totally ours. I also think the pillows are sad little affairs. However, maybe an extra one would help you feel more comfortable?
    "When is the doctor coming?"
    I do not know. Unfortunately, they do not have a schedule of when to come see our patients; however, I will keep an eye out for them. If you are NPO and they are not in by midday, I will call and see if I can feed you, OK? (this for those patients waiting for Cardiology, as we keep them NPO for possible procedures; if not in by midday, I usually call and see about getting them a diet order).
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    When I worked in PreOp, I had a Patient who was having a 4way CABG, and actually wanted to know if he should cancel his Tee (golf) time that was scheduled 2 hrs after his surgery start time.
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    The food is terrible. Or when working nights, you wake me up too much how am I suppose to get any sleep? I hate that one the most. Why don't you just go home, and come back in the morning if you don't want 24 hour care?
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