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I have given my two weeks notice in and I'm tempting to call off on my last day. I was wondering why my coworkers have been doing this but now I totally understand. I was treated very differently... Read More

  1. by   retiredmednurse
    For nurses, skipping out the last day was almost a given where I worked. Once one put in her notice of quitting, than the dx of short-term-itis starts occurring. If the person in question is one who we think will skip out, we hold their party on the second to the last day. By this time, all the formalities have happened-talk with HR regarding last paycheck, payout on unused vacation time, meeting with the nurse manager, and everything but turning in your locker key. If you call in sick, do it when you would normally call in sick to let management have the time to find your replacement. If you just don't come in without calling first, it could be screwed as patient abandonment.
  2. by   wondern
    Glad it worked out for you going in and they had a party and you didn't get sick from anything!
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  3. by   Been there,done that
    "I love my job but I just hate to be there." The ultimate oxymoron. Do what you need to do..Carry on.