These two idiots need to have their nursing licenses revoked - page 4

WARNING: Some of the images featured in the above video are graphic. SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - The District Attorney's office is looking into whether it will file criminal charges against two local... Read More

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    Dear God...
    I couldn't watch it.
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    I couldn't believe that someone would stoop so low as to have this type of behavior in front of someone else... and then the guy touched her during one of their "interludes"... I believe that those two guys are mentally ill / unstable and not only need psychiatric help, but should also do jail time. God forbid, what if they would've decided to include the patient in on one of the acts.. I cant imagine having my loved one ill and suffering this type of madness and all while im having to pay for what I thought was respectable home care... I think they should be charged & labeled as sexual predators. Just plain ol', dirty and nasty uggh :***:
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    I'm not trying to kick a hornets nest, just an observation.

    When someone does something beyond our comprehension, we (I'm guilty too) call them "mentally ill."

    I believe there are just some really thoroughbred evil people in this world, and they can fit into society to a huge interwoven extent. They can be scout leaders, NURSES, priests, and even Elementary School Teachers.

    To me, anyone who can do that and commit atrocious acts against elders and children, or even mental defectives, and then host a scout meet that evening- ARE Evil in a real pure form.

    There are Wolves in Sheep's clothing-and they prey on the weak and defenseless.
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    This has happened before so it was not too shocking. When I was a young teenager an anesthesiologist in Sacramento Ca was forcing himself on women..let's say "being serviced" by his sedated patients. It was nurses that finally blew the whistle on him but even more stunning was the fact that many people were aware and they were covering it up..true story...I still remember his name!

    In another recent case a patient care tech was fondling male patients as he shaved them prior to surgery. again a nurse saw him do it and blew the whistle!

    So yes these guys definitely were derelict in their duties and have seriously violated the ANA's standards of professional behavior but is could have been worse in that they could have involved the patient more in the sexual behavior and I bet their attorney will argue that aspect. Nonetheless very disgusting and vile professional and personal behavior,obviously these jokers have no impulse control so they cannot be trusted in this profession!!
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    Quote from That Guy

    Come on is that even necessary?
    Unfortunately, and weirdly, this is the kind of thing that sets us back even more when it comes to things like intimate care for women. Gay or straight, the perception persists that all men are ultimately over-sexed creeps...

    That said, it IS disgusting and would be just as disgusting if it were a male and female nurse.
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    Disgusting. That poor patient....
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    This seriously makes me sick to my stomach. That poor woman. The family probably feels so guilty, even though they couldn't have known.
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    Gross. I wish I had not watched the video. I only hope that the patient's mental capacity is such that she is unaware of what was happening, or immediately forgot it.
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    Quote from dirtyhippiegirl
    Whoa. $1300/day for in-home nursing care??I'm in the wrooooong kind of work.
    Your take away from this despicable act is the amount of $$ they were making!?!

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