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  1. I have been MIA, but God has been good!!

    After Passing My NCLEX-RN last month, I begain to miss my all-nurses friends. Proverbs & Tiff, and all others who was supporting me when I was losing hope!

    Now, I'm back and with a new mission, that's to find the perfect job for me!

    Does anybody have any tips with how to land the perfect position??? Let's talk!
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  3. by   Castiela
    Probably aim for a position first, gain experience, then work towards your goals/dream job
  4. by   LovingPeds
    Quote from TheRNJourney
    Does anybody have any tips with how to land the perfect position??? Let's talk!
    My advice is to be open to positions that you might not have considered before until you gain experience. When I graduated, I was dead set on ED/ICU (like a lot of grads). I had a quick 'in' with the pediatric department as the nurse educator thought I would fit well there. I took it. I never would have considered peds on my own and now I can't see myself any where else. Perfect positions in nursing are about being open to and recognizing opportunities, good use of networking skills, and the willingness to learn new things and experience new experiences. If you're on good terms with your instructors, see if they will be willing to offer letters of recommendation based on your clinical/educational experience with them. Some times, the perfect fit isn't immediate and it takes a few years to find your perfect position, but I firmly believe that all your experiences up to that point will have lead you there.

    Congratulations on passing NCLEX and best of luck.
  5. by   MLTtonursing
    I have not been on here for awhile and just wanted to say Congrats.