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Strange, but true story: About twelve years ago, I was working nights as an LPN at an inpatient hospice unit. It was a quiet night. I was sitting in a patient's room with the patient and her... Read More

  1. by   markypooangel
    Hey,this is my very 1st post,not sure if this will work,so just testing
  2. by   danissa
    Karma, you may be cool with your board, but I dont feel that summonds to the afterlife, when no-one was comfortable with it, and whilst you had vulnerable people to take care of, was appropriate! You were at work to take care of the living, thats what you were paid for, and should the dead come to visit, well, thats something to look into in your OWN time!
    I believe in spooks, ghosts, call them what you will, I lived in a house that was overrun by them as a teen. That makes me wary. I would never, NEVER invite a spirit into my home with my children here, it really is too serious and frightening. I would never invite spirits to a place where vulnerable people live...thats cruel, careless and wicked.

    Whatever you believe, don't be the one to invite the other side to visit people who just don't need it.
  3. by   markypooangel
    I loved all the stories I read on this subject and would like to tell about my special story. My mother died quite a few years ago and I was just thinking about her one day and was feeling very sad. I was given her wedding rings that she wore for 40+ years and so I just wanted to put them on to be "close" to her. I went to my jewelry cabinet to get them and could not find them. I looked everywhere many times for about a month and to my great disappointment,no rings. I was very upset but had to go to neighborhood Bunco party that night and mentioned it to someone why I was upset. She told me to pray to my Mom about the rings. She had a story of praying to her diseased mom to help her find something and she found it right away. I went home that night thinking about what she said but just went to sleep that night.The next day I was still very worried about not being able to find her rings that were so very special to me. My daughter saw me deep in thought and asked what was wrong.I told her what was going on and what the neighbor had told me and I also remembered what a very special friend told me one time..."if you want your'e prayers to be answered,pray with someone else and it is more likely to come true" I then asked my daughter to pray with me. We went and KNEELED in front of my tall jewelry chest and I told her to pray with all her heart and I started praying out loud to my Mom as we held hands. A few minutes later the phone rang while we were deep in prayer. The phone was sitting right on top of my tall jewelry chest and my instinct told me to answer it. I picked up the phone and said "hello" and no one answered. I kept repeating "hello" and nothing from the other end. I just held on to the phone listening and about 30 seconds or so later it was like somebody just gently hung up the phone with no dial tone-just silence. I had this overwhelming feeling that it was my Mom. I stood up and and it was like my arm just raised up beside me pointing to this tallboy dresser and I opened the drawer and opened it and my Mom's rings were right there in a bag with alot of other special jewelry of her Mom's. It was not three seconds after I got the phone call that I found her rings and I had torn the house apart looking for them before. I really felt like it was my Mom and it was such a good feeling. I will never ever forget it.