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Not to start a ***** session - just light hearted. I noticed a few male nurses post here. Do you guys ever get tired of these comments? 1. Are you a male nurse? 2. Are you going to get your MD? 3. Can you get me the... Read More

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    I purposefully left the whole male nurse = gay nurse off my original post because I never hear that from co-workers or patients.

    It is a fair guess that it was assumed a male nurse was gay many years ago. In my (only) 10 years experience I haven't had the issue come up.

    Tim-GNP, If it did come up I couldn't care less what people thought.At the same time though I bet it would be annoying if I was a hairdresser.

    Not to change the subject of the thread but... Working at a nursing home when I was in nursing school I had two friends who were Gay. I used to go to the clubs with them and I had a lot of fun. In those alternative clubs it was assumed by the other patrons that I was gay. Of course, I expected it and was used to dealing with it. Soon though I got tired of turning down dances and drinks and the conversations were always about men, so I stopped. guess that was a little of a tangent though.


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    well, I have gotten the "doc" thing, but I just stopped saying no, I am a nurse....I don't care (personally) if someone thinks I am gay or not, but I DO understand the problems some people have when a male dresses them....I have had to be "extra" careful when working with women. It really has to be a concious effert on all our parts to CYA.
    I still get called to be a forklift for the nursing assistants even though there are three of them at a time. lol (actually, it makes me feel like I am there for more than pill pushing.) I love what I do, and have lots of laughs about being a male nurse, so don't think I am doing a b**** session on a soapbox. )

    Phil (DragonLPN)
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    Are you a male nurse really cracks me up. I say no female.
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    I've worked with so many great nurses who were guys through the years; and I had a very sheltered upbringing; so was very innocent and unaware of homosexuality until I was in my mid 30s. I'd worked with this one guy straight nights for about 2 years and we'd talked about the difficulty of maintaining a relationship, how you were always crawling into bed as your partner was crawling out; etc. I never knew his partner was also a male until one of my female co-workers brought it up-- and here I'd thought he'd used the word "partners" because we were talking about his wife and my husband! LOL! To me, the whole thing of straight or gay makes no difference- it has no place in the workplace.
    The arguement about guys being given the heaviest patients or being asked to help lift doesn't hold true everywhere. As a member of the team of nurses working a particular shift, we all can get heavy patients and help each other lift. The thing that gets me, though, is the guy who voluntarily comes from 4 rooms down to help with a lift for some "sweet young thing;" THEN complains once he's got her "trained" to seek him out for every boost and lift!
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    Hotspam of all the things on the post I am usuallt not offended by any of them although I have heard most of them. At times I am offended by the "male" nurse comment because I think of myself as a nurse period and while I found Meet the Parents funny at times I was not offended by the movie until I started hearing others make comments or ask questions because of it and think they were funny.
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    I hear the doctor thing more than any other. Other than that, I don't get any flack.


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