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I graduated as a nurse from a certain University in the Philippines. I was just as excited as any Nursing graduate. Earning a bachelors degree in Nursing was really something in my country. All of... Read More

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    man oh man...this is just depressing... in june i'll be on my fourth year as a nursing student..

    who knows, maybe next year i'll be one of the unlucky ones...

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    I think that is great your not losing hope or faith of course. Keep your mind set on GOD and pray for guidance
    Iam here in canada toronto and am now out of work here. I have been let go due to allegation from family and patient and mangement did not support me and my union tried and I had a pay out. I haave a wife whom is filipina and our new son of 8 months July 2

    Dave Moffatt RPN Toronto
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    very well said salvie. you had explained very well the situation of some nurses here in our country. i'm also one of the rn's in the philippines who have been through a lot of difficulties just to be a staff in a hospital and unfortunately till now, my lucks still evades me from landing a hospital
    im working as a company nurse right now and i have a fair salary but i still do hope to become a staff nurse someday.
    working in saudi is very tempting so i tried to apply in an agency but i did not pursue my application. can you imagine! they offered me starting salary of 300 usd a month because of lack of experience. that was way back 2008. this is really depressing when you think all the high expenses that you spent in studying

    it is really devastating that until now the govt haven't paid enough attention to address the difficulties that most new nurses, rns or not, have been experiencing. i believe the govt's are aware about the nurses paying a fee for a volunteer job in a hospital. but they keep on ignoring it. what they only know is that nurses are good source of dollar to the country when they are working abroad. how sad.

    so let's just hope fot the best. hope will be the source of strength to continue to struggles life difficulties to us nurse's experiencing unlucky side of our fate. anyway, sabi nga nila "bilog ang mundo".
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    Thanks for sharing your insight's Salvie.... i really love this article.....
    For everyone's sake., this is the cry of all the unemployed nurses and I'm one of them too. Lucky enough if you can find a hospital where we can volunteer or can employ us....
    Cross fingers... I know in time., God would grant all our aims..... never lose hope....
    just remember: THis is the game of life..... as long as you're dedicated in your vocation., sooner or later., you'll be harvesting what you've been waiting for.....
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    Thanks for sharing salvie!
    I'm from batch 2k6....
    I also went through the same things you experienced.
    When a younger cousin told me she wanted to take nursing... i was like
    "noooo. don't do it! just take up computer engineering or something else."
    She didn't listen. Maybe she thought i was underestimating her or something.
    I tried to explain the whole situation to her and her mom.
    But... *shrugs*
    Anyway, I'm currently working in a call center for 2 and a half years.
    Most of my batch mates are in Saudi Arabia now.
    They submitted fake employment certificates just to work there. Some are in UK.
    But from what I gather, you have to give both arms and a leg just to get there.
    Now the question becomes: what would you do or NOT do to follow your dreams?
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    Thank you everyone for understanding my grievances. A lot of nurses on the older generations here in the Philippines does not understand what we young nurses are going through. It really pains me when other people judge young nurses of why they don't have jobs yet. They don't understand coz they are not experiencing what we are experiencing. Because of this, I joined an international organization made here in the Philippines by young nurses who also share the same fate as the majority. the name of the organization is the Alliance of Young Nurse Leaders and Advocates international, better know as AYNLA. Together we are strong. Let us unite and make our voices heard. Let us make a CHANGE. PLease all you nurses join us in our endeavor to make our voices heard.
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    I read your article and what a wonderful job you did writing it from your prospective. What I didn't like was the fact that you, your parents, others, and other parents think there is a promise for employment abroad. That's what you were lead to believe, and it's awful that you and others are made that promise and were let down. Like you in the Philippines there are many just like you in our country and other countries as well.

    Here in the US you don't have to pay for training after you pass your boards. That's exploitation! As a RN in the Philippines you should get together with others in your same situation and go to these elected officials and demand that they fix this problem. Volunteer nurses are working their butts off with no promises of a job while the RNs who are currently in those positions are sitting around doing little to nothing. Don't give into the paid trainings, you don't need to be trained as you already went to school and according to your BON you have the knowledge and skill to work as a paid RN. Good Luck!
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    It's really sad.I look up to you since you graduated from UP nursing which is a very prestigious nursing school.I a m a fresh passer just this september and i am from the province, even volunteer work here is hard to find, you have to have backers and the like even for that puny position, and most hospitals don't even absorb the trainees. One good thing is here, they dont charge the volunteers for the 6 months training. But after the training, where do we go?
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    I feel sad and I feel that way too three years ago. I had to do teaching job(not as a Clinical Instructor but as an ESL teacher) I loved it but it's different when you are in the area. I did that for over two years while waiting for my application in Canada. Luckily, I was able to find an employer though I don't have any nursing experience. I had to do the atrocious registration in the nursing council, find an employer(convince them you are capable and eligible), visa processing and most of all the waiting. I am here now, a Canadian RN and still surviving. It's hard but thru perseverance and hard work it's all worth it. I know you will make it, too!
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    Hello. Thank you very much for sharing your experience! I am a third year student of nursing and I am in need of help. Our expensive second semester is about to start on November 9 and I am loosing hope for this chosen vocation. I am thinking of dropping/stopping but I don't have the guts to tell it to my parents .
    3 of my cousins are registered nurses already and 2 of them are working in call center for about 2 years now while the other 1 is still unemployed.
    I am afraid and very confused. I also feel like a "pabigat" to my father since he dearly wanted to retire from his job but he can't because of my tuition fee which ranges from 60k to 80k per semester.
    Every night he would scream, "Ayoko na" and all I can feel is guilt.
    I'm really lost.
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