The Crusty County Nurse Cracks Just a Bit - page 2

I see by the glowing green light on my 80's digital alarm clock I have missed the article contest deadline by 8 minutes. Granted, the forums were down and I was unable to submit at 2350 (when I first... Read More

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    It's amazing how many patients drive home with me but then seem to fade away as the music gets louder until I reach home with my car thumping and know that the rest of the day or night belongs to me
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    As I wipe away the tears, the lump in my throat remains. Tough days and nights seem to abound now. You are a warrior who deserves accolades and praise. For those patients who could not express their thanks "Thank-you, your caring made a difference in my life." I would like to work with you a couple of shifts, I bet you're an awesome person.
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    Yeah, sometimes they do get to us, don't they? Great article, Crusty, and bear up. It's just another day. Your patients will need you tomorrow so get some R & R today.:icon_hug:
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    Beautiful, well written and just right....Thank you.....Maybe we should all get together and write a book! I'm game....
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    Wonderfully written and a wonderful story. I too sleep in a crowded bed with thoughts of my patients running rampant. I could never do the type of nursing that you do. Accidental deaths seem so much harder to me than the "explainable" ones. Cancer, heart disease, lung disease, etc. I am a hospice nurse and deal with death on a daily basis, however it usually does not strike me as a "tragedy" so to speak. I mourn the loss of my patients, but also realize that they, for the most part have lived their lives, and that their diseases make life miserable for them. I couldn't deal with the type of death and suffering you do. I commend you for this.
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    Quote from it'sallbueno
    But I have some thoughts to share, regardless of deadlines, so here goes..Because damn if I didn't break the golden rule and take every one of those patients home with me tonight.
    ((((((((it's all bueno )))))))))) and yes, sometimes you wonder if that is true that it's al bueno. Thank God you were there. Now go survive - and then some. You deserve it!
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    Thank you for giving your heart a voice and sharing it with us! As a student nurse I really appeciate the stories, advice... of the 'crusty' experienced nurses, thank you.
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    Thanks for sharing, passed deadlines and all!

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