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I work in this long term care facility that really needs to be closed down. I find it very hard to believe that it is even still opened. The DON and Administrator have an attitude of tolerance for... Read More

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    I just read the whole thing. I see you did report the nurse. Good for you. I'm glad you're doing the right thing.bow:

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    Quote from glasgow3
    Strictly patient care issues aside, once your administrator was informed that residents were being "cursed at and roughed up", that administrator had an immediate OBLIGATION to report that abuse to one or more agencies. If that didn't happen, it's reallllllllllly gonna hit the fan for all concerned now.

    My advice: Don't be around for the splatter.
    Quote from leslasic
    wow. i'm proud of you for standing up to do the right thing. i probably wouldn't have been able to stick it out as long as you have after seeing little to no response from the previous complaints but you are terrific!

    maybe somehow those poor people will get the care they deserve!
    Quote from Nascar nurse
    I'm confused. Why are you still employed there? Why are you putting your license on the line daily?
    Quote from Jenlaana
    I'm still a student, but wouldn't it be our responsibility to speak up repeatedly until someone listens? I know that nobody wants to work in a bad environment, but I would hate to think that being a patient advocate in an environment where there are no other "friends" to the patients would put US in peril instead of the trouble makers. How is anyone supposed to be held to task on unsafe behavior if every time something bad is happening the "good nurses" bail like rats off a sinking ship?

    I'm not trying to stir trouble or anything. I just don't understand how leaving would be the best choice? Is losing our license really so easily possible that we have to think of that before thinking of helping patients in need of an advocate?

    I understand all points here. Someone had to speak up. The patients need an advocate. However, the OP needs to be protected and has to eat/support self and family as well. These people may go as far as to bring up trumped charges on her/him making it difficult to work elsewhere...especially if it is a small town. Seriously, though, I'd start looking for something else TODAY. It is easy to be blackballed to lose your livelihood if you have a person (even moreso with a group of people) whose backs are against a wall and have their own interests to protect. Many times, unfortunately, those who are the troublemakers remain until retirement while those that care may even cut retirement short because they are physically and mentally beat to the bare bone.
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    You need to get away from that place. Please redirect some of your energy to looking for a new job before you harm your mental health. The less energy you invest in this hell hole, the less chance that you will make yourself sick over things that you can not change. You can change whether or not you continue to work there. Get a new job, and resign. Do this, if possible, before you are fired. Then, only devote as much time to dealing with past issues, as is practical, considering you will be getting acclimated to a new workplace. Good luck.
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    These are sites that list the appropriate agency to report nursing home violations to. The Dept of regulation and licensing is the agency that deals with licensing of nurses and other professional but does not take complaints or reports that pertain to nursing home regulation.

    I'm still in litigation 3 years after I'm was terminated for whistle blowing, got good lawyers and am being as patient as I can be. It's a long road, and those of us who have taken it have paid a price for it, I personally have not regretted it.
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    Quote from michigooseBSN
    Call the DSS (Department of Social Services) and report Elder Abuse. You are a mandated reported if elder abuse is occurring and at least in Massachusetts it is the same as Child Abuse.
    Good point. I bet they come out fairly quickly as this is effecting more than one patient. Good luck. I'll be praying for you.
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    I used to work in a nursing home and used to go home and cry over the treatment of the residents. I think it's fantastic that you have the courage to report this and stand by your residents and I wish more people had your guts. My mother is getting on in years and I worry so much that she'll end up in a nursing home and mistreated. Sometimes I don't think that the management, carers and nurses in these places who treat the elderly with disrespect have any family or any idea on how to treat a human being.

    For the OP: Is there any whistle blower protection where you live?
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    Whistleblower ( for health care workers) Law info .
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    I am also proud of the OP. Cheers for your courage...but also protect yourself in the process.

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