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Hi, I'm curious, has anyone had a difficult time getting hired or covering a small wrist tattoo? I'm still taking my prerequisites. I would like to get a small wrist tattoo, but I don't want it to... Read More

  1. by   klone
    Quote from Meriwhen

    As far as hiding it goes, I know a lot of people rave about Dermablend makeup.
    I used Dermablend to cover up a tat for my wedding. It worked really well!
  2. by   Krazi4psych
    Quote from not.done.yet
    You should, however, be aware that most nursing schools are MUCH stricter about visible tats than employers are. I would recommend waiting to get it until you are done with nursing school.
    When u say that nursing schools are much more strict, do u mean when I apply I can be disqualified or will they kick me out if they see the tattoos?
  3. by   Roseyposey
    Okay, I'm going to sound old and grouchy...but I am going to have to be Captain Obvious here. If you think that there is a chance that a wrist tattoo may keep you from getting a job you want or may make nursing school more difficult for you, why are you considering it? It sounds like many new graduate nurses are having a hard time finding jobs, why give a hiring manager one very easy way to disqualify you? Stack the deck, give yourself the best edge! If you are in a group of candidates who have visible tattoos and it turns out that hospital policy forbids visible tattoos, guess who is still in the running for the job? Go to nursing school, get your <dream> job, and then get your tattoo. If you don't want it in a few years, you just saved yourself from a lifetime of angst over a tattoo you didn't want so badly in the first place!

    And before I get called a stick in the mud...yes, I have quite a few tattoos, but they are only visible if I want them to be.
  4. by   Rhi007
    In reply to this I would just like to say I saw an RN that had full sleeves on both arms and full socks on both legs, fleshies in both ears and a covered lip piercing and he is full time so just depends
  5. by   Flare
    i work per diem as an ADN and while my facility has a policy for no visible tattoos, i still wear dresses that make my tasteful leg artwork visible. Nobody has ever said anything to me, but then again when i'm working, i'm the boss there so i suppose no one would. I can't remember what I wore to me interview - i think it was a skirt. I also have a small piece on the inside of my wrist that is usually covered by my lab coat and permanent eye liner that is always visible but just looks like make up.
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    Quote from smyleeRN2b
    Hi, I'm curious, has anyone had a difficult time getting hired or covering a small wrist tattoo? I'm still taking my prerequisites. I would like to get a small wrist tattoo, but I don't want it to hinder my chances of getting hired later on. Any insight anyone one has would be much appreciated.

    I have 3 tattoos and the rule I have abided by is that no one should be able to see them in my wedding pictures or my interview skirt suit.
    Tattoos are not a protected class as in gender, age, race etc.
    Some facilities have policies for workers w tattoos and piercings and rainbow hair....others simply say "professional appearance".

    My tattoos are for my smokin hot naked bod'....not my hiring managers business , yaknow ? :-)
  8. by   theantichick
    You may also want to consider a placement that is easily hidden by a large (washable) watch. I had several co-horts in nursing school who got by with that plan. They found that the dermablend and other makeup that would cover it didn't last through a shift of frequent handwashing. Nursing schools do tend to be more conscious of this than facilities, so I second the notion that you may want to wait until after school and getting your first job at least.
  9. by   Nurse_
    It's best to be conservative about it. The facility is only looking for one thing to throw you in the do-not-callback list. Get the job then you can show it off all you want.
  10. by   delilas
    There was a recent court ruling in Kansas that hospitals can't force nurses to hide tattoos, much less not hire them for it.
    Ottawa Hospital told it can’t force nurses to hide tattoos, piercings | Canada | News | National Post

    I think it's a good step for people to stop treating tattoos like they're some terrible thing.

    At my facility, we're still generally required to cover them. One nurse has a wrist one, and she covers it with a wrist band, but another nurse/case manager has a cross on top of her hand/wrist, and she doesn't usually cover it at all.

    To play safe, I'd still be sure they're covered when you interview, and then find the policy when you begin - or if it's a big deal to you, ask during the interview what their policy is.