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If you have a patient admitted two days ago for stroke with left sided weakness and all of a sudden she is showing increased weakness to the left side, more pronounce facial droop, and slurring of her words, what would you do? I... Read More

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    Quote from TonyaM73
    Can an ischemic stoke produce worsening symptoms days after it happends and then get better or will she continue to deteriorate until she reaches a stopping point and then that will be her norm from then on?
    Usually an increase in symptom severity and/or emergence of new symptoms indicates an extension of the original infarct or a haemmorhage into the affected area. It's possible that the brain will recover, but generally speaking an extension or haemmorhagic transformation is a signidicant event that increases the likelihood of permanent disability or death.
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    talaxandra : That was what I was afraid of. The CT r/o any bleed and it was unchanged from the day before, but the neurologist says that sometimes an increase of the ischemic stroke will not show up on the CT right away. I think that he was just r/o a bleed at that point. Thank you so much for the info.

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