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  1. 0 Anyone heard of them? Or better yet, anyone ever buy a stethoscope from them?? I'm looking to buy a Littmann Cardio III and they are the cheapest place I can find... $125!! I just don't want to buy from a place that others have had problems with in the past... Any help would be apprecieated!! Thanks!!
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    I have never heard of that site but I ordered mine through and it was only 125.49 and an additional 14.98 to have my name stamped into the tubing.
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    I know Littmann stethoscopes are real good. I have a pediatric one and I hear very well with them. Most of the doctors when I did my cardiac rotation in school also had the Littman Stethoscopes.
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    I have no experience with them but just wanted to add that I have a Cardio III and it is a great investment!
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    I love my Littmann Classic. 'nuff said. Had another one, forgot the name. It was cheaper with the dual tubes. CRAP.


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