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Now reaching my 34th year in the nursing profession I am experiencing some humorous, interesting and distasteful situations where comments have been made that honestly offended me to the quick of my... Read More

  1. by   a_pattee
    I work LTC as a CNA, and I'm starting nursing school in January.

    As I have worked in the healthcare field, I find myself seeking out the people who have been in the field longer than I have. (Been a CNA for 17 years) I love to "pick the brain" of a seasoned nurse. I love to hear their stories, and learn from their experience. One of my favorite nurses use to work for Doctors without Borders. I could sit and listen to her for hours. I love to ask her questions, and do wound rounds with her. I learned A LOT from her. I try to pick up all I can from everyone I work with, old or new. (although, as one of the "older" aides I do find myself shaking my head at the newbies-but I try to be gentle since I'll be the newbie soon.)

    I am thankful for seasoned/veteran nurses. With out them, I believe a lot of knowledge would NEVER get passed down or learned. There are some things you just can't learn from a book.
  2. by   ebear
    I have a feeling you'll do very well. A Pattee.
  3. by   PrincessRN101
    There is no disrespect, older nurses need to be more accepting of younger nurses, and need to be more supportive. Rather than being distant, rude and unwilling to help. Older nurses cant do the work forever, so they need to transfer some knowledge to the new nurse, and help the profession, rather than getting caught up in, "eating their young."
  4. by   bboopRN4
    I recently returned to bedside nursing after being in the management role. Bedside nursing has changed A LOT since I have last been at the bedside. When I left we were still handwriting our shift assessments and using a med cart. Now everything is on the computer, we are using Meditech and the EMAR. I have only been back for three weeks. The nurse that is my preceptor is very young, has been a nurse less then three years. I was extremely apprehensive of returning to the floor and still at times question my decision, I have good days and I have bad days. The one positive experience has been the fact that my preceptor treats me with such respect. She tells everyone that I have been a nurse much longer then she has and that she looks to me to teach her some things. She knows that my nursing skills are still present and that it is the computer that I need to learn. She has been extemely helpful and it is because of her that I think I will be okay. I returned to the bedside because I would like to be a clinical instructor and feel that I should know the job that I want to help teach others. Thank you Michelle for being such a sweet and helpful preceptor.
  5. by   GitanoRN
    congratulations are in order for your 34yrs. of service, you should be proud of your accomplishment, wishing you the best as i send you a hug from across the miles...aloha~
  6. by   royhanosn
    young nurses could learn a lot by shadowing older mature nurses. Young nurses tend not to have people skills. Considering more patients are the baby boomers, who are needing compassionate level. The door swings both way, for the two to get along. We are all in this together, lets not get ego's involved. OR hang you ego at the door!