Some Days, You're The Pigeon...(Part I) - page 2

After seventeen years in health care, I've come to the conclusion that nurses are the baggage handlers of the industry: we move folks here and there, we make sure the manifest is correct and the right passengers' suitcases are on... Read More

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    waitaminnit...hunky doctors, long coffee breaks, big bucks? where? where?

    sheesh, i knew i shoulda interviewed at more hospitals.

    though i did get to make out with a hot xray transport guy when i was a cna one summer. does that count?

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    So true. And if you say anything to administration, like maybe this resident needs a psych ward and not a nursing home, well..."it's all in your approach." Until they smack the social services person and then they end up placed elsewhere. Makes you kinda feel like the nursing staff doesn't matter.
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    our alarm system in our facility along with our call bells have been down for about a month, so much for safety being first priority. If the employees aren't safe how are we supposed to protect our residents and do our regular duties?
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