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I am currently in college to become a nurse and also thinking about getting my nose pierced. Nothing huge, just a little stud or gemstone. I am worried that when I do have to attend clinicals or get a job at a hospital the... Read More

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    we are professional registered nurses, many facilities uphold the standard of appearing professional. we don't have the ability to debate our own personal thoughts as to what that is. if the standard is set, it's up to us, if we want to be gainfully employed to present that. end of story, my own opinions aside. it is what it is.

    i can debate my personal philosophy to management until i'm blue in the face. the policy is policy. want to work... conform. end of story.

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    that's what i'm saying. ok there are some piercings that would make someone not want to be helped by you, but if it's nothing drastic or even if you have tattoos showing but you are competent with you job...what's the problem? and as far as a safety issue...well patients can pull on your earring of your ear too. so why does it make a difference whether there is one on your nose vs. your ears?
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    my nursing school was a bit different, they allowed piercings anywhere in the ear, and small piercings in the nose or eyebrow. tattoos were supposed to be covered due to institutional policies, but most of the time that wasn't enforced, unless the tattoo was large or offensive. then again, my school didn't have us writing care plans either (other than 1 or 2 the first year just so you knew how), so they were definitely more progressive in many ways.

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