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  1. 0 I need to sue if I have been a victim of slander. The fall of nursing school a nurse that worked at the facility that I was doing clinicals, spread rumors about me. She told the nurses on the unit I was doing clinical gossip which caused me emotional distress and almost prevented me from securing my degree and nursing license. Is there anyway I can take legal action? The slander has jeopardized my career, as I am unable to secure a job because of it.
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    I went through this. First gather as much evidence as possible. You need to be able to prove it in court. Contact a lawyer, s/he will be able to take it from there. BTW, also call it harrassment, verbal abuse and lateral violence.

    Also get used to the fact that you are working in the most gossipy profession there is. Think really hard if you want to do this for the rest of your life.
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    One thing. The burden of proof will be on you. You might have a very hard time proving that you are not hirable at this facility because of this gossip. As well as finding people who will state things formally.
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    Why wasn't this issue dealt with when you were in clinical? Was your clinical instructor aware of this? Can you prove this is why you can not secure a job?

    I ask because I had a similar situation in nursing school, got an attorney to write a letter and all was done with, no more problems.
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    We are nurses here ... not lawyers. If you want legal advice, you really should be talking to a lawyer.
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    wow what a mess, i sorry this has happened to you...
    good luck and take care.
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    You should have started to deal with this when it was occurring. Now your problem is more difficult. As mentioned before, seek legal help, and good luck.
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    Welcome to nursing, It was a culture shock for me too.
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    as per terms of service we are not able to provide legal advice.

    this is not a legal advice bulletin board

    this is a board for nurses and nurses-to-be to discuss primarily nursing issues. this is not a free legal advice board. please be aware that cannot be responsible for problems resulting from reliance on legal advice received here. if you have a legal problem, please seek legal counsel.