Should a new nurse choose home health, step down, medical surgical or SNU

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    Experienced nurses tell me, if a new nurse with only clinical experience had the chance to choose between the 4 jobs, which should he/she choose? Which would give the nurse a chance to learn, build skills and succeed without setting the up for failure? Thanks for your advice.

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    Definitely a stepdown or med-surg unit. I started out on a stepdown as a new grad and that really gave me the opportunity to build up on my skills. Make sure that whatever you choose has a good, lengthy orientation, however.
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    I would say med-surg or general medical floor. Eventually you'll be floated all over the hospital anyways but it would give you the most well rounded expereinces that you could take anywhere.
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    Step-down! It will be tough but you get to learn and see so much. I was always told to take the most critical job you could get as a new nurse, because it opens more doors for you later.
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    Home health is sooooo not the place for a new grad. You'll be on your own with no back-up down the hall, no appreciable interview and time management skills, weak assessment skills, and seeing very vulnerable people. Step-down is the place to learn the most in the shortest period. It'll be a challenge. Are you up for it?
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    Step down would be a great choice if you want to do critical care or ER later. What is your long term goal?

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