Should I bring treats on my last day of work? Should I bring treats on my last day of work? | allnurses

Should I bring treats on my last day of work?

  1. 0 It will be my last day of work soon and there are about 30 people I work with. Is it common courtesy to bring treats on your last day of work or does the supervisor/coworkers normally bring something? If I should bring something, should I bring cookies, candy, brownies, or what do you guys think?
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    My experience has been that treats are always appreciated. :-) Enjoy your last day!
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    Where I work, it's usually the other way around - the staff get the person who's leaving something! But, I'm sure they would not mind if you brought a little something on your last day. Heck, I even bring treats to work for no reason at all (I like to bake sometimes and I live alone, so I bring what I bake to work so I don't end up eating the whole batch myself!) and everyone loves it.
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    Yes! There is only one right answer to your question and it is yes. We love treats.
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    Absolutely. Um... I like those peanut butter balls that are dipped in chocolate.
    Bring some of those.
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    In July, I left a job I had been working at for over 6 years. Only a few people knew I was leaving, but only my DON knew the date. Anyway, there were no treats. I left the job on good terms, but I slipped out of there very quietly. That's the way I wanted it.

    If you like the people you work with and will miss them, treats are a great idea. Most of my co-workers I didn't care for, so again no treats, lol.

    One random night about a week before my last day, I decided to order pizza and wings for my unit that consisted of 6. They didn't know it at the time but that secretly was our party.