should i be concerned? suppose to meet with nm

  1. 0 I am in a new job, i think orientation is going okay but there was a notice from the nm that i am to report to the nm office at 2pm on thursday to 'discuss my orienation' . i have only been there a couple weeks and orientation is not done until februrary. am i freaking out over nothing or do you think they have concerns?
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    Maybe it's just to touch base? IMO, that is what they should be doing.
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    Probably freaking out over nothing.. Unless Thursday at 2pm is your next scheduled shift? Typically if you are in trouble they dont let you keep working/orientating..
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    Your NM probably just wants to see how things are going for you.
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    Probably just touching base...I wish someone did that with me, I got booted off orientation 4 weeks early and thrown to the wolves...It's not that bad but it can be stressful. I am sure you are fine! Give us an update!
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    This just happened to me a few weeks ago. It was after an especially difficult shift where I was sure I made some errors. I had to wait 4 entire days for the meeting with my manager only to find out it was only to see how I was doing in the orientation. It ruined 4 days off from all of the anxiety & it turned out to be nothing. Don't worry!!!
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    My manager called me in during orientation just like you mentioned...and all she wanted to do was to touch base and see how things were going. I was actually shocked that she was asking if there was anything she could do to help me and that if I ever needed anything her door was always open. I wasnt expecting anything crazy to happen, but its just a natural reaction to be unsure of yourself in this situation. My only 2 cents....if she thinks things are going well and better than expected or something along those lines, dont be afraid to stand up for yourself in terms of still needing/asking for help and having the orientation length you were lead to believe would happen. I know a lot of new grads who were told/promised one thing and given another. Management will not always look out for your best interest - that's your job.
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    chances are its just to touch base, see how things are going. Does anything need to change in your orientation? do you need to be given longer time?
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    That happened to me one turned out my orientation was going soo well, they wanted to know if I felt comfortable cutting it short by 2 weeks.
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    You're freaking out.
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    How did it go?

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