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I just started a new job in November and I love it! I just got off of orientation this week. It is 3-12 hour shifts, so I want to get a second job per diem somewhere else. My current job is very specialized (all orthopedic... Read More

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    Quote from Up2nogood RN
    I did use my current employer and that it was ok to contact.... It can help you get a job when they are scarce. But I also talked to my current NM to let her know what's going on, that I'm not leaving and that this is my primary job. It is tough to find a second job that will work around your primary job schedule. I give my second employer the days I'm available and since agency is used a lot I get the shifts I want.

    That's ok too if you choose to go that route, but don't feel required to use your current employer for a reference if you don't want to. Besides, if you have just started with them, they can't really say how good of an employee you are yet, in my opinion.