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I have the rare and distinct honor of working in the ICU of one of Chicagoís most prestigious and longest-standing hospitals. Donít get me wrong, I busted my backside getting here, with a large helping of luck along the way. When... Read More

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    When I was still in nursing school, we would sometimes be assigned to district hospitals located an hour away from the city. There we heard stories from the staff meant to scare us. I figured, it's just their way of 'welcoming' us that I never even gave it much thought.

    One night, during our evening break at about 11pm... since we were not that familiar with the nooks & crannies of the wing yet, we asked a nurse on duty the way to the canteen. She said she's also on a break herself, we cud go with her to the canteen. We followed her, chatting silently behind her. She told us that we'll be going to a short cut, that we never doubted why she'd lead us near the newly-constructed building. Then she said, she'll just hurry out ahead of us 'coz she'll be meeting someone...then out she went through the door.

    We were stunned. Just stunned.
    Later, we were told that she was really a nurse then in the hospital. It's just that she still thinks she is.
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    I'm a Chicago nurse and keep trying to figure out what hospital! Rush, U of C, UIC, Loyola??? Can't be NMH or IL Masonic. Hmmm???
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    None of those. Christ, in Oak Lawn.
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    Good story and well written. I try not to let my freak flag fly in fear that I would be Baker Acted but a few Halloweens ago, I shared a few stories at work (night shift - of course) about the paranormal team I worked with in Indianapolis. Indiana Paranormal Investigators did an investigation at Central State Hospital. CSH was the place for the insane and indigent starting in the mid 1800's. As I was recounting our investigation, the call light went off in our equivalent of Room 827. No patient was n the room but I think it was not empty either.

    For the curious:
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    Wow, that's creepy...
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    Ewww! This is just so creepy lol It's late and dark... now I'm scared!!
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    Enjoyed the story about the little girl and cleaning lady!! very spooky and fun read.
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    very good story. Fun to read.
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    I used to work in a nursing home, and one little old lady who had lived at the end of one hallway in a private room for many years, passed away. That weekend, her room was empty and her call light went off all night long and we could not shut it off. Maintenance was called and they could not figure out how to make it stop either. I'm not sure how it was eventually stopped, but this was on a night shift and no other residents were up roaming around... just no explanation :O
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    waaaa! I like it!
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