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So....tonight is my first night on nights. I am excited. I have worked days for 12 weeks (i am a new grad) and now I am switching to nights permanently. I have a lot of anxiety about the messing up... Read More

  1. by   anotherone
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    Hi everyone,I am graduating this May and I am probably going to work nights because of course I will be a new grad.....we get the worst shifts sometimes . Why is that some of you love nights, what do you guys recommend for new grads? day shift, evening shift, nightshift and why? Please help (: hugs
    i love nights because I hate days. Less patient/co worker interation, less people around- from managers, administration, visitors, drs, pt/ot, etc. ( can be a good or bad thing but we have in house residents and pharmacy coverage 24/7).
  2. by   JBudd
    I've worked nights for more than 20 years, am a natural night owl. Always did my best exam cramming and paper writing between 12 and 3AM.

    Light doesn't bother me, but heat does; I have a fan that oscillates, but set it to one position because the air moving back and forth over me is disturbing.

    I stay up late every night, unless something is scheduled, then I try to get to sleep earlier. Up at noon on my days off, except for the 2 months every semester when I teach a morning class (but not till 10! :spin. My Albertsons is open 24 hours, I can shop whenever, and park close in.

    I do eat a full meal at night, on the nights when there is time. I eat supper on the way in, but don't like a heavy meal right after waking up. I often wake up around 1 or so, eat something light, and go back to bed. If I can't get back to sleep, I do quiet things like reading, nothing that gets my energy really going, and even that much rest helps.

    Try not to drink too much caffeine after 4 AM, it makes it harder to get to sleep when you get home.
  3. by   neft
    If you have to work nights it is recommended to stick to a schedule and try not to do rotating shifts if possible. Also stick to the same routine on weekends. Check out some good info at Jobs Working Nights
  4. by   Indy
    I do either: take a 4 hour nap, or sleep in till noon, on the day I go back to work. I put my shifts in a row, 3 nights together, if at all possible. I go to bed within an hour and a half of coming home and try for 8 hours sleep, sometimes it's 6 or 7. I take my daily med pass in the mornings before bed so I get all the urinating out of the way before I go to work. Yes I can get up and go pee in my sleep, it's very rarely I run into the wall on the way to the bathroom. (diuretics aren't fun.) I don't eat a full meal, I pack 3 heavy snacks. I eat at 5 before going in, and I snack at 9, 1am, and at 4 am. I drink water all night and alternate it with coffee, trying to drink double the volume of coffee in water so I don't have kidney stones.

    In the morning I unwind with a heavy breakfast-like meal and either orange juice or milk. I have no blackout curtains but I do keep a circulating floor fan (little round thing that looks like a footstool) on, and in the winter turn the electric blanket on low. I like a warm bed with cool air. I need benadryl some mornings and am currently also trying out melatonin.
  5. by   FlowerChild2005
    I have worked as a Cna on nights for almost 2 years.I like it because u don't have as many family members around, not as many doctors, and nursing administration isn't walking the floors at night.I work 6pm to 6am just like the nurses do.I usually sleep til 2 or 2:30 and get things done at home before I have to go back to the hospital and I feel pretty rested most of the time.My days off is where it gets me.People outside of nursing don't usually understand how exhausting 3 12 hr shifts in a row are and it's important to try to maintain a routine.You will find out what works best for you and I hope you like the night shift
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    Quote from JBudd
    I...... am a natural night owl. Always did my best exam cramming and paper writing between 12 and 3AM.
    I think we might be twins! I was FAMOUS in my program for not studying or starting a project until midnight when it was due at 0800!

    Just got a night job, and I am *so* looking forward to it. I have no desire to work days whatsoever....