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RN Orientation Length

  1. 0 For registered, I have a few questions related to your orientation.

    1. What specialty/specialties?

    2. Orientation length for those specialties?

    3. Size of hospital for the orientations?

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    Registered Nurse in Miami, FL LTAC patients (in pretty bad condition) 50 beds hospital ... 4 weeks of orientation, could extend to 6 only if really needed
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    PICU in New Jersey- 12 weeks. 20 bed PICU, nearly 700 bed hospital.
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    3 month orientation that included nclex review and nursing classes (heparin, EKG, sepsis, etc) - they really prepares us (6 months for ICU)

    300 bed hospital
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    Here in Ontario, we have something called a "New Graduate Guarantee", where the government funds employers of new grad nurses to have 3-6 months of orientation under a preceptor (a more experienced nurse). I participated in it, although my experience with the program was....different.

    I had roughly a month with a preceptor, and then took on 3-patient assignments (our usual on our floor is 4-5). Once I got comfortable with that, I started taking on 4 patients. I did ask for my manager for another week with a preceptor somewhere in there because I found I was really struggling to handle 4 patients (but really, I just had crappy assignments, lol).

    We also had paid education days scattered throughout to cover a wide variety of topics.

    I did this for a total of 5 months.

    This is at a large hospital (~450 beds).
    Our floor has 58 beds but space for an additional 2 if we're in overcapacity. It is a combination of medical/oncology/palliative.
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    I am going to get 12 weeks orientation on a cardiac step-down floor at a 700 bed facility.
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    Operating Room (does GU/GYN, ortho, neuro, peds/peds CT, ENT, trauma, and transplants)

    9 months roughly - 3 learning instruments, 1 of classroom, and 5 going through the service groups

    750 bed hospital (teaching)
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    It totally depends on the area, your experience level and the requirements for that facility. I just started working for the state last November as a nursing home complaint investigator/ surveyor and my orientation period will be one year. And they no not expect me to really know my job until about two years. I have been a nurse for 33 years. It is a totally different line of work. So it is very variable.
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    Thanks so much for replying. All these answers are very helpful.
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    special procedures-endoscopy, OR sedates, IV infusions, wound care, radiology
    6 months orientation with a preceptor
    small community hospital 125 beds