Reported to state board

  1. 0 I was reported to state board for allegations of having a resident in restraints and telling my
    aide not to remove the restraints during my shift. When called into the office I was told by my DON that I had reports against me stating that I was tying the resident up to the wheelchair , but it was just hear say (word of mouth) they had no proof. I did admit that I have seen the resident tied twice and left alone at the nurses station when I arrived from stopping my medication pass after hearing his alarm sounding. When found I had untied resident myself immediately and stayed with resident until CNA arrived. I have questioned CNA on how resident ended up the way he did and CNA stated that she was not aware. Now I have received a letter from BON stating to respond to allegations and if found true I can be guilty of violating the law. Help? What can come of this? What can I do?
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    Did you chart the incidents or fill out an incident report? That would be CYAing. But, we can't offer legal advice. If the facility has no witnesses, sounds like the CNAs are throwing you under the bus. It's a hesays/she says.

    Call your malpractice people, get some real legal help. If you don't have insurance, get a nursing lawyer to help you draft your response letter.

    Good luck, sounds like you'll need it
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    In your situation I would seek the advice of a lawyer.
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    Get a lawyer.
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    I have no idea how to respond only to say that this is a matter of defending your license. You need a lawyer and fast! Get a healthcare atty who specializes in defense in these matters.
    I hope everything comes out ok for you. Remember, great things can happen even in the worst of circumstances.
    Good luck to you!
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    Thanks for the advice. I am seeking advice from a lawyer..being brand new to the field sucks! I'll keep you posted! I think it was because I told my aides not to leave him unattended that he should be with someone at all times if not to come and find me so I can stay with him and they were mad with me.
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    Here is another perfect example on why ALL NURSES should carry malpractice insurance!!!!!!!!

    I am so sorry you are going through this.

    As per the Terms of Service we can not give legal advice......If you have malpractice should notify them immediately.

    Do not go before the board without representation....they are NOT your friend.

    Do not discuss this any further with anyone especially in social media sites. All nurses is anonymous but it is public.

    I wish you the best!

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