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Hey everyone, I'm interested in nurse coaching. I've researched a few different certification programs (mostly ones recommended on the AHNA website), but wondering if someone can give me a... Read More

  1. by   Mavrick
    Yeah, it's always a question of who is going to pay you to do the thing.
  2. by   sallyrnrrt
    In my humble 45.5 years of being an RN,
    I have never seen or as other posters suggest, a nurse coach.

    I have decades experience in teaching hospitals, medical centers, from Houston, to Memphis, & Wash. DC

    Where would be your market, how would you be paid, ? Malpractice Ins?
  3. by   sallyrnrrt
    Quote from aship
    Nurse Coach - American Holistic Nurses
    Here's some information from the main credentialing body I found. Can I ask you both what has made you so skeptical?

    Our combined in excess of a century nursing experience
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  4. by   verene
    Quote from aship
    Yeah more similar to a wellness coach. I'm still learning about it too because I think it's something that nurses have started pursuing more only within the past few years.
    But when I think about it, it makes a good deal of sense to me. When you think about all the MLM companies that have wellness coaches who have not been trained other then a 3 month certification or what have you and they are the primary market for helping people live healthy lives then it seems like nurses have a huge opportunity to step in. We're the ones who see first hand the effects of chronic disease and lifestyle choices so it makes sense for us to be in the front lines of teaching healthy lifestyles. Yet, the opportunities to do this seem relegated to 5 minutes at the bedside until inevitably the patient will be back in a few months.
    I just have a strong desire to help people thrive and not exist in the revolving door of the hospital so looking for a way to make this happen.
    I've never heard of a "nurse coach" however this seems like it might be similar to the "health navigator" concept one of the local hospitals have started for frequent ED users. Getting them hooked up with health navigator to help figure out what is going wrong upstream and address it so that they can stay out of the ED. Except, I think all of their health navigators are social workers rather than RNs. Though I really don't see why one couldn't be an RN.

    That being said there don't seem to be many job openings for this role because it is still so new. Does you local hospital system have something similar? Or would could you sell the idea to them of having RN case managers / wellness coaches / health navigators / whatever they call the position start in their hospitals on a trial basis?
  5. by   maxthecat
    Interesting to see they've set up their own credentialing body, not affiliated with ANCC. Which makes me wonder about the content of the program.
  6. by   aship
    ok, i'll check it out. Thanks!
  7. by   aship
    Yeah, that's what I'm trying to figure out. If somehow my local hospital could get on board with something like this. I'd think that'd be the best place to start.