putting urine on burns? has anyone ever heard of this?

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    My wife (an RN) told me that her boss (an NP) burned her hand (i'm guessing it was 1st degree) and then urinated on it. I'm guessing this is a wife's tail and searched online to find subjective proof that this works.... can someone shed some light on this... I told her it was a wife's tail and untill I'm proven otherwise do not agree that it helps with a burn. Thanks in advance.

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    You are Joking aren't you? EEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKK!
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    Though I have never heard of applying urine to burns, I have heard of people who are staunch believers in 'urine therapy'. They claim that occasional drinking of urine has some health benefits. In addition, there are those people who are into urophilia.
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    ....drinking urine huh.... exactly WHAT benefits would that have? (no, proven ones, not the ones they "claim")
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    Quote from KEVIN88GT
    ....drinking urine huh.... exactly WHAT benefits would that have?
    What benefits arise out of drinking urine? I haven't a darn clue, as I wouldn't do it! But there are firm believers out there.
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    I'm not saying that this is necessarily science but I did find this...

    "Saharan Bedouins use urine to cleanse burns and wounds."


    And...sometimes old wives tales hold an element of truth...you have to wonder.
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    Would you do it to survive though?
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    Halinja thanks for the link...while it provides very interesting historical info it doesnt say anything about the mechanism of action/physiology of how the urine can help with burns....basically i'm trying to figure out if this is a wifes tail as in....well they did this xxxx thousand years ago it must work...vs it does work...this is how........
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    From what I found it used to be used during the wars as an antiseptic because of the acidity it helped kill bacteria to prevent infection it is recommended that you only use your own urine someone elses urine could cause problems just what I found.
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    I have heard of this; in fact, a contestant on "Survivor" a few years back asked another to pee on his leg where a jellyfish (or some such thing) had stung him. As revolting as that sounds, normal urine IS sterile, so I suppose it's not the worst thing in the world...........but it's not something I'd want to do, or have done to me. And as for drinking it---well, I'd have to be on the edge of dying from thirst, and even THEN I'd probably think long and hard about it. YECCCCCHHHHH.

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