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Hello Community! While this post may seem a little insensitive for some, others can totally relate. I shouldn't have to verbalize "age has nothing to do with the ability to do the job". But, as of ... Read More

  1. by   VivaLasViejas
    This thread is getting too heated now to be logical, and that's a shame because it's obviously touched a nerve and got a lot of people thinking....and talking. Perhaps it would be best to step away from the discussion for the night and tackle it again tomorrow.

    People are too complicated to pigeonhole. They don't fit into neat little boxes as we would like them to. One cannot look at a human being of any age and make assumptions about them based on a preconceived set of ideas. I'm 53 and will never be able to work on a floor again because I'm too dilapidated physically to handle it, but I'm a pretty darned good management nurse with excellent assessment skills. I know another nurse who's only 48 and had to retire completely from nursing for health reasons. OTOH, I have a good friend who's 20 years older than me and still works as a CNA in a nursing home! You just can't presume all, or even the majority of people are a certain way at certain ages.

    All of us come from different backgrounds, different eras, different parts of the country/world, different ways of doing things. However, in most things we are much more similar than we are different......we all want what's best for ourselves, our families, our friends. And more than that, we want to matter. That's what it's really all about, and being critical of others' methods of achieving that end doesn't serve anyone well. Just saying.
  2. by   DookieMeisterRN
    Quote from griffinchet
    You're 8 Years my senior. You took this personally when the post excluded you, even if you felt as though it was targeting a certain age group? You wanted to pick a battle, not converse logically!
    Converse logically?!?Now that's funny! You know you're on Allnurses.Com right?I would practically give my right arm to have a forum to go to for intelligent, meaningful conversations about nursing and all it entails.
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    Quote from leslie :-D
    while you may have a valid concern about your cn, i would caution you against stereotyping all nurses of a certain age, as each and every nurse is unique in their abilities and presentation.i'll make a deal with you:if you resist from condemning all middle-aged nurses as incapable, i will resist from condemning all 20-somethings, as cocky, arrogant, and
    Freakin hilarious but down right correct! Amen, I am on your side!
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    Moderator here---It's getting a little toasty in here. How about a cooling off period? I'm closing it, will re-open in the morning.