Pressure ulcer and donut pillows

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    If anyone can help ASAP, I'd appreciate it. I'm a first year nursing student. We were told very definitively in class NOT to use a donut pillow when the patient has a pressure ulcer. Our instructors stressed this. A family member is currently in the hospital post-op for mitral valve replacement. He's 84 and has been in the hospital for 8 days. Yesterday we noticed a stage I pressure sore on his sacrum- today the area has a small fissure and a barrier cream was applied. When we visited, he was sitting on a donut pillow given to him by his nurse. Is this contraindicated? If the donut should not be used, what can we use in its place? Is an inflatable rectangular cushion ok? Thank you very much for your help.

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    A great chair cushion to use is the EHOB Waffle Chair Cushion.

    Here is the web site:

    We use them at our hospital, and they work great, are cheap, can be wiped down. (Single patient use, of course. They take them home).

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    but is the donut bad?
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    Quote from njstudentnurse
    but is the donut bad?

    "Donut-shaped or ring-shaped cushions are NOT recommended. They interfere with blood flow to that area and cause complications. "

    "Do not use donut-shape cushions. They reduce blood flow and cause
    tissue to swell, which can increase your risk of getting a pressure ulcer."
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    thank you so much. that's exactly what my notes said! because i'm just starting out, i doubt myself too much.
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    think about what your bottom looks like after sitting on the toilet too long...

    venous congestion!
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    Donuts are a no no. Try sitting on a toilet seat for over an hour or so.
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    Donuts are a no-no where I work. Regular repositioning of the pt is very important to prevent pressure ulcers.
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    no no to donuts!
    we take 2, 500cc bags on NS and take out 100 cc's and lay them next to each other and use those for pts who are in full spine precautions, etc...

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