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Patricia Benner's Nursing Theory

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    I need some examples of Benner's Theory in clinical practice. I have searched and searched and have yet to find some. Can anyone recommend some sites I can use? Thanks.

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    I'm surprised that you are having trouble. What databases are you using? Are you searching professional journals? ... or just looking for internet sites that discuss her theory?

    Benner's work is often used as the foundation for Staff Development Programs (e.g. orientation programs) and clinical ladders. Do a search of professional nursing literature that focus of those two aspects of practice and you are sure to find lots of articles.
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    I need to find examples of Benner's Theory used in clinical practice. I know alot of hospitals use it but I only found one hospital so far that has it documented and how they use it. I need a few more examples. I will try the nursing literature like u suggested. Thanks.

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    Why not go to Patricia Benner's website and talk to her or her staff about it? She does have a website. Do a search for her.
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    Read the book. It is GOOD!
    From Novice to Expert
    Patricia Benner, R.N., Ph.D.

    Here is an article on a different subject.

    Attached is an article referencing her work
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    I'm new to this site as of today. I noticed you were looking for examples used in clinical practice for Patricia Benner theorist. I am also looking for information and am having a hard time on line. Can you direct me to a website, or where I may obtain information? Thank you!