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oxygen sTaturations - page 7

This is just a pet peeve rant post. But why do some people who should have a basic education on this call it "oxygen stats/ staturations". Drives me crazy. Ive seen people write it and say it. Its... Read More

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    I LOVE the Hyperbole and a Half blog about "The Alot." It is absolutely hilarious. "I love this alot more!" So funny.
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    Quote from Inori
    Hmm nothing wrong with saying oxygen saturation that's its full and correct name anywas. You see the phrase, "O2 Sat" only means something to nursing everyone else is like what? Today while telling clerical to contact someone in biomed that i need a replacement O2 sat reader it got a blank so i wrote Oxygen saturation, pulse ox, thing that reads blood oxygen AND drew a picture of a plastic clamp thing that goes on finger kinda like a big clothing pin.

    Alot of times even doctors forget the proper name for something but they're like uh i need that gauze thing with yellow stuff in middle so it does'nt stick ... you know I had no idea what she was talking about haaa. But later I asked some more senior nurses turns out doc was refering to vasaline gauze!
    The problem is they are calling it a sTat or sTaturation.
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    Quote from OCNRN63

    I'm not quite sure what this is supposed to mean. I was pointing out that it is, in fact, a word. There's no snobbery intended.
    Noooo!!!!! Didn't think YOU were being snobby at all!

    Posting from my phone, ease forgive my fat thumbs!
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    'Atenol' and 'Tynol' are 'not uncommon', as are 'vomitting' and 'stomache'; I see these alot... sometimes even allot.
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    Quote from Creamsoda
    This is just a pet peeve rant post. But why do some people who should have a basic education on this call it "oxygen stats/ staturations". Drives me crazy. Ive seen people write it and say it. Its sat!!! Saturation!

    Ok end rant.
    I work in Quality Mgmt entering incident reports-unbelievable how many intelligent nurses report patients were found "in the floor".
    Really? How deep were they?
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    Deep breath, this is my first posting after reading for years, but in report the other day my patient's primary complaint/diagnosis was stated and written as obstipation, as in small bowel obstruction and severe constipation. My charge nurse insisted that it is a real term; I'm only a new grad 6-month med-surg RN so what do I know? And I must admit I haven't looked it up.
    One thing I do know, is that her NG tube suction was bringing up "poopvomit," a term my fellow clinical students and I agreed should be a word back in nursing school. If you have encountered it, you know what I'm talking about!
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    Subscription instead of prescription. Yikes.
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    Obstipation is a real word. It means severe constipation.
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    You are absolutely right now that I have put it out there, that obstipation is a real word. But to be fair and a little (maybe a lot) nitpicky, it describes a situation of prolonged severe constipation that suggests an obstruction is near, rather than an actual diagnosis. Not that there's anything wrong with that!
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    I work with a nurse who abbreviates acetaminophen as ASAP, instead of APAP.
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    We had a nurse document that a pt was on "hormoans"
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    Lozenger instead of lozenge.
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    Quote from newboy
    Lozenger instead of lozenge.
    ^^Guilty of this...