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Hey fellow nurses, So I am a new grad RN working night shift. I just came off orientation and am 3 weeks into being on my own. I feel like I am doing a great job, with the usual struggles of a new... Read More

  1. by   YumCookies
    I had a nurse forget to give me report once - she gave her report to me on the phone, we laughed about it, and moved on. NBD
  2. by   longdistancerunner
    Hi! After the epiphany, in the car ride home, I called & gave report & apology to peeved nurse. Not an iota of harm to patient, but the experience seared its place into my practice ever after.
  3. by   allisonrh
    This happened to me recently. I came into work and realized at 7:45 that I had not gotten report on my final patient. I figured the RN had been held up giving a lengthy report somewhere else, but he had forgotten me and gone home. I didn't care at all and was not mad at him when he called me that afternoon to apologize profusely. I read the notes, glanced over the vitals, and assessed him. It was really fine. To be fair, the patient was perfectly stable, so of course that makes a difference
  4. by   LibraSunCNM
    Quote from Kooky Korky
    How did that happen?
    How did she have a nightmare? I'm guessing she closed her eyes and went to sleep
  5. by   beckster
    Ha! I have had identical dreams! Or maybe more like night terrors. I've both forgotten to give report and had the preceeding nurse forget to give me report. Usually it was not a problem and I read the record. Sometimes if I had a question I called them. NEVER did I use the omission to create problems. Rule No. 1: Always Be Kind.
  6. by   inthecosmos
    It would be hard to remember to give report to FOUR different nurses! As long as you recognize how to improve, that's the key!
  7. by   dimpledRN
    I've been lucky and never in 15 years had this happen but I can see how after a rough shift it could absolutely happen. This is a rookie error and the nurse assuming care has as much of a responsibility to get report from you as you did giving it. And guess what? The world is still spinning, no harm no foul! Welcome to the crazy world of nursing and thanks for sharing and for the giggle. Keep on keeping on!!
  8. by   RN-ing
    I forgot to give report to dayshift on my first rapid response in the ICU, which we got right before shift change...the charge nurse had to stay over and give it for me! I didn't even realize it. I got an earful when I came back that night...