Okay, who *loves* their job, and why? Okay, who *loves* their job, and why? - pg.3 | allnurses

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Okay, who *loves* their job, and why? - page 3

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    I love my job! I work on a very busy mother/baby unit. I have only been there six months, but even on bad days, I am still so happy to work there.

    It is very interesting, and I feel like I am constantly learning. I love being a part of such an important time in my patients' lives, and it is very rewarding to me to make such a difference in the lives of mothers and brand new people through the care and education I provide.

    I am also extremely fortunate to work on a unit with a supportive and positive culture. I know that I can always get help when I really need it, and I always feel comfortable asking questions. Plus, we have fun. My nurse manager and charge nurses are wonderful. I also feel that the hospital I work for is an excellent organization in general.

    I even work the shift and number of hours that are ideal for me. I am very fortunate.
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    Refreshing view.... just where are you at? I am looking for something different and have not worked at a "skilled" care but would consider it in the right place/environment.. thanks
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    Question for you.. is there anything in the Handbook about this? Also, I might have a friend call HR asking about jobs and benefits to see what they say about accruing the time..good luck.. keep us posted.
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    I love my job as a school nurse. Only love it a little bit more today, since it is the last day of school!