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    Quote from gettingbsn2msn

    Thank you so much for your reply. I am going to the HR office tommorrow to see what is going on. They also agreed to pay college tuition reimbursement. I turned in all necessary paperwork to get this, as well. I have not seen one dollar and right now this facility owes me between 4-5k counting pto. If they do not pay soon and I will be on food stamps. Ridiculous, I know.

    I am angry but if I sued them and won my job back, I would never return to this facility. The reason they let me go is wrong, letting me go while I was on vacation is wrong, holding pto is wrong and not paying college tuition when I earned a 3.5 this semester is abhorrent!

    This was my first nursing job. I was there 3 years. I was very hurt at first. Now I am mad as (put in ___). BTW, most of my nursing friends have told me they do not have to pay pto if they let you go. Honestly, if I do not see this $$ in the next few weeks I will be seeking a lawyer. Preferably one not in this small hick town.
    If necessary, definitely get the advice of a LABOR attorney. A reputable one should give you an initial consultation for free. However, there may not be enough money in it for an attorney to take on. If that's the case, it seems to be pretty straight forward so I would definitely go to small claims.

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    I love my job in pediatric urgent care!

    Challenges everyday, making a difference (even if it's a tiny one!),nailing a blood draw on a neonate, counseling upset parents, learning, learning, learning!!!
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    I do I loveee my co-workers, the unwavering teamwork & the fact that we genuinely have one another's back no matter what. I love the acuity of my floor & having to be constantly on my toes, as stressful as that may get. I love being challenged each shift. I love the idea that I'll never stop learning. I love my patients & truly care about all of them... although is doesnt hurt when they show some appreciation There will always be things that can be improved but for the most part, I really love my job & hope this doesnt change!
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    Quote from gettingbsn2msn
    I loved my job but they let me go 2 weeks ago. I will never fall in love with a job or coworkers again. I also will never trust the hosptital environment again either. I went in on Friday to see if I could get my pto. They had new nurses lined up for orientation. They let me go at the drop of a hat. I am still trying to get my pto time that they owe me. I am scared I will never see it. Moral of story: use pto up as fast as you can accumulate it. I will follow up if I get my pto. Its about 200 hours.
    I'm sorry. It amazes me how non union hospitals can do this.
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    Quote from ladytraviler
    I love my job. I work as a travel nurse on OB. I get to help women (families) in a time of stress for great joy or sometimes utter heartbreak. I get to help put families together, one child at a time. I love the newborns and the help for the mom's. I even like helping when things don't go as planned. I can help a family with a natal loss see that it won't always be this bad, and because have been through it, they get the best berievement care I know how to give. I console the woman who has decided to give her child a better life through adoption. and even help those who decide that motherhood is not for them right now. I love being able to guide and assist a frightened teen through the labor process and help her bond with the life she created and carried. I have my issues but who doesn't.
    Your job sounds cool!
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    Add me to the "love their job" category. I do the admits/discharges with education along with being a charge. I like the variety of all three job roles. It's fun to problem solve and to know I made a nurses day easier by helping with her work. I also like working with my manager on many committees. I found my niche.
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    I love my job! I work on a very busy mother/baby unit. I have only been there six months, but even on bad days, I am still so happy to work there.

    It is very interesting, and I feel like I am constantly learning. I love being a part of such an important time in my patients' lives, and it is very rewarding to me to make such a difference in the lives of mothers and brand new people through the care and education I provide.

    I am also extremely fortunate to work on a unit with a supportive and positive culture. I know that I can always get help when I really need it, and I always feel comfortable asking questions. Plus, we have fun. My nurse manager and charge nurses are wonderful. I also feel that the hospital I work for is an excellent organization in general.

    I even work the shift and number of hours that are ideal for me. I am very fortunate.
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    Refreshing view.... just where are you at? I am looking for something different and have not worked at a "skilled" care but would consider it in the right place/environment.. thanks
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    Question for you.. is there anything in the Handbook about this? Also, I might have a friend call HR asking about jobs and benefits to see what they say about accruing the time..good luck.. keep us posted.
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    I love my job as a school nurse. Only love it a little bit more today, since it is the last day of school!

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