Nursing Reputation?

  1. hi ,this is sheraz ,final year general nursing student from pakistan.Here things are not in a good shape ,nursing is considered as a low grade profession here n when it comes to male nursing ,these people have terrible views.there is alot of criticism regarding this.I have experienced many such situations, now i want to know who people of different country take nursing profession. comment plz
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  3. by   JBudd
    In the USA, nursing is considered one of the most trusted professions.

    Admittedly, most people don't really understand what we do....
    but the polls on which professionals people trust has nurses at or close to the top.

    We vent a lot on these boards about the lack of respect, but that is just that, venting. On the whole when people hear you are a nurse, they respect you. (And want free advice! :chuckle) Or say, I could never do what you do!
  4. by   NeoNurseTX
    I agree w/ JBudd. However, when they say they can never do what we do, they don't mean it in a bad way!
  5. by   sheraz86
    thanks jbudd,its good to hear that .Hope so ,things will change here too.
    Actually here ,its alot of discrimination on religious basis n many other issues.
  6. by   snowfreeze
    In general as a nurse in the USA I am respected by patients, families and doctors.
  7. by   twistedpupchaser
    In Australia there is a similarly high level of respect for Nurses as in The US. I think there is a variation in the levels of respect depending on the background of who is viewing the nurse.
  8. by   vss04
    Hi, Im from Sweden and Ive heard similar thoughts about nurses in Kuwait from a doctor i know who comes from that country.
    Here in Sweden we are well respected as professionals, from the public but also from (most) of the doctors.
    Gunnar :typing
  9. by   sheraz86
    hi tp, r overseas nurses common in ur country too? can u give me some guidance for useful information abt getting a job there,or the procedure. thank u
  10. by   vss04
    We do have a lot of doctors from other countries, maybe not so many nurses, although that should mean a lot of positive things for nursing in Sweden, as a profession, I think. (To be honest, during the last decades theres been an increasing number of foreign nurses too).
    One difficult issue is the language of course, some say swedish is just as hard to learn as, for example chinese. I dont know if thats quite correct

    I dont have any specific advices for the moment. Maybe you can contact some swedish consulate or embassy and they can help you further.
    Ill give you the adress to the university of my town, maybe a letter to them can sort things out for you:

    Hgskolan i Gvle
    S-801 76 GVLE

    Wish you all the best,
  11. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from sheraz86
    hi tp, r overseas nurses common in ur country too? can u give me some guidance for useful information abt getting a job there,or the procedure. thank u
    Suggest you read some of the threads in the International forum as many issues regarding moving country. Also better to post any questions regarding other countries there
  12. by   classicdame
    I live in Texas but my son lives in Sweden and I visit there often. I have considered working there as well. He was a good ole southern boy and now is fluent in Swedish and other languages, so I know it is possible. Also, for my personal benefit, I appreciate that everyone speaks English fluently (at least around Stockholm where he lives). His neighbors are Iranian. They are doing well there. It is a beautiful country and a great place to raise a family.