Nursing preceptor says no to certain abbreviations - page 4

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Hey all, I know there are a number of threads regarding nursing abbreviations, but I think this one might be slightly different. I'm a new nurse, still on orientation. My preceptor has been telling me that I should not/can... Read More

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    I've only seen the "CVA tenderness" reference in MD dictation, not in nurses' notes. I wasn't technically taught how to assess it (not that it's hard, but was never actually shown the technique, if that makes sense).

    Notes are DEFINITELY part of the medical record; I was called to testify in a case where the med record came in to play (not about a patient care issue, though, it was a domestic one) and I HAD to refer back to my notes to refresh my memory of the events of that particular shift. Thank goodness I could!

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