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hi all, i just read a thread asking about older nursing interventions and it made me think of the older techniques that we really did use before so many modern meds and procedures. for a lower gi bleed we used to do strong... Read More

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    Quote from jessicrn
    lets see
    honey to vulvectomy pt's wounds
    glass needle syringes and metal needle that were resterilized
    glass iv bottles
    moms stayed 3 days after vaginal delivery and 5 days for c section babies always slept in the nursery during the night and came out only to breastfeed
    having to remain flat on back 24 hrs after lumbar puncture or cataract surgery
    intraperitoneal dialysis manually
    gastric lavage for overdoses with ewalds and not a closed system
    iced normal saline lavages for gi bleeds.
    obtaining sputum culture by using your mouth as the suction (stills makes me gag when i think of it)
    giving every patient a back rub at bedtime usually with alcohol.
    12:1 pt load on days 20;1 on nights did not matter if getting dialysis or chemo.
    no paperwork except about 4 lines in the ed paperwork with vital signs.
    soap charting
    med cards for every medication.
    multidose vials and containers for every medication no single doses.
    medications outside pts rooms in unlocked drawers
    preparing your own chemo
    45 minute tubing changes on central lines as no extension tubing
    no imed pumps
    only interns and residents and students started iv's pts always being connected to iv 's and being kvo. manually calculating drips on all iv fluids you used buretrols for critical meds.
    rna's cna's ???? no such thing. primary care nursing (you were assigned to 20 patients, if they were admitted you were totally responsible for their care every time (you did their care plan))
    vaginal fungal suppositories to be sucked on for stomatitis from chemo.
    awesome. i remember a elderly pt that i had that was a retired nurse. she had the cape she had received from her hospital and an old needle and glass syringe and several pieces of equipment that i had never seen.
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    I actually remember the metal syringes. We used to wash the red rubber NG tubes and reuse them! Telling the patient that they had to ask their doctor about their medicines, telling patoients to take it because their doctor ordered it for them. Heck we could't even tell them their vitals. Awe....the infamous ewal!
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    OMG! New Nurses look at me like I'm crazy when I mention Harris flushes!
    I can't imagine what Gomco's, med cards, kardexes or mixing your own antibiotics would provoke. Remember sequential tourniquets? it was quite the therapy for CHF patients in the 70's!
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    Oh, do I remember those gastric lavages for GI bleeds. I was a new ICU nurse in 1980, I just about joined my pt. in the bed after THAT night!
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    Some OB things(thank goodness they have changed)

    When I had my son in 1978, the nurse brought my dinner, saw a brownie and promptly said, "You can't have that; you are breastfeeding. Chocolate has caffeine." (I sent my husband down to the gift shop to get me a chocolate candy bar.) They also told me to only nurse 2 minutes on each side the first day, then 3 minutes the second day, and 5 the third day "so you won't get sore nipples." and they wondered why breastfed babies had problems with weight gain!

    Had a friend who cried after every prenatal appt because the doc would yell at her for gaining too much weight (she gained 12 pounds and her full-term infant was barely 6#)

    Telling moms the baby should go to the nursery "so you can get some rest" and then waking them for vitals q4hr

    Alcohol to the umbilical cord.

    No dads in delivery because they will faint

    episiotomies for all "to prevent tearing and so it is easier to sew up"

    Laboring women were kept in bed after their water broke
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    Gosh, I worked in 2006 at a Midwestern US hospital where we used all these:
    - Gerichair with locking tray
    - Posey vests
    - Gomco suction
    - Kardexes (in addition to Meditech online charting -and- paper charting...!)
    - Taping drips for timing because there were not enough pumps for every patient to have one
    - M&M enemas
    - Red rubber straight caths

    Are such things actually antiquated now?
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    Quote from noregrets
    Milk and molasses enema's!
    We still give those in the hospital where I work.
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    Quote from 3rdcareerrn
    gosh, i worked in 2006 at a midwestern us hospital where we used all these:
    - gerichair with locking tray
    - posey vests
    - gomco suction
    - kardexes (in addition to meditech online charting -and- paper charting...!)
    - taping drips for timing because there were not enough pumps for every patient to have one
    - m&m enemas
    - red rubber straight caths

    are such things actually antiquated now?

    kardexes and charting it was not that long ago all charting was done by hand. then came flow charts and we thought that we had arrived! the freedom of check marks . there were soap formulas for charting, head-to-toe assessment charting, then charting by exception. then came the computers and electronic charting and then id bands you scan when giving meds or giving blood....just seems like yesterday.
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    Quote from sevensonnets
    I work in a Catholic hospital that's been here since the dawn of time (1898). Old books about the hospital describe what nurses back then had to do. Help in the kitchen to prepare breakfast. Mop floors. Go down to the basement and bring up coal early in the morning to light the fireplaces. All while wearing white floor-length dresses with long sleeves and cuffs. Wow. And we get undone about having to make toast!
    But they didn't have to deal with giving hotel type service, they did very little charting. It was a totally different era. There's no real comparison to Nursing today.

    Don't forget metal IV needles that remained indwelling.
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    Quote from CheyFire

    i also remember when patients were impacted and the doctors would order 3 h enemas.
    LOL when I read this, I thought you meant 3 HOUR enemas. . .like hooking up a patient to a hanging enema bag and allowing it to flow for 3 hours. I thought, "wow - I guess that really would empty out a patient!"
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