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One of the many zillions of trivialities that spark my hyperactive imagination late at night when I can't sleep: Have you ever thought about what we must sound like to the average layperson when we use 'medicalese'? It's a... Read More

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    I don't know what the Board of Nursing rules and regs are in your state, but I have a tough time imagining that surveyors would make a blanket recommendation that everyone employed by a bad facility should lose their license/certification. I suspect that this threat may have just been a story told to the employees by the management at your daughter's facility to try and keep them from blowing the whistle on the poor conditions there. Just my opinion, of course, but I've worked in places like that and seen the same sort of behavior. It's a shame, but I wouldn't put it past some of the administrators and nurse managers I've worked for....they'll do anything to keep THEIR phoney-baloney jobs and throw the staff under the bus.

    Best wishes to your daughter. I hope she finds a new job FAST.
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    I actually laughed. I can see my little pics going on in my head now...
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    My favorite poem to chart (just to see if anyone notices) is " Pt agreed to take MOM in am if no BM in the PM." The nurses get a kick out of it, anyway.

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