a nurse's poem-I'm Sorry In Advance - page 3

Iím sorry in advance Your bedís not made today But I have a patient here Whose chest pain wonít go away Iím sorry in advance Youíre not happy with your meal Dietary does try hard sir, To give it some appeal... Read More

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    Linda, PLEASE give us permission to print this and publish it in nursing newsletters, etc. This is so true and strikes a chord in all of our hearts. Thank you for sharing it wath us; let us share it with the rest of the world.

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    Wow! That certainly says it all!!!

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    Linda, truer words could not be spoken! This truely captures what each and everyone of us of us feel and try to deal with on a day to day basis, I hope you do not mind I would like to post this poem in our nursing lounge for all to share and reflect on,thankyou.
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    This poem is so true. All of us in the nursing field can find ourselves within. It was also well written.

    Blessed Be
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    Beautifully written!!!As was said previously, I got chills when I read your peom. Unfortunately, some of those very words I've said myself.
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    Thank you for a great poem, I copied it to the LPN Yahoo Club I hope you don't mind. This poem reminded me of my nights I worked in LTC, brought back many memories. Thanks again.

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    Ditto to everyone's response. Bravo, Linda!
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    Originally posted by lkushen:
    Ditto to everyone's response. Bravo, Linda!
    all i could add would be "AWESOME"!!!
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    Excellent poem-it captures the essence of nursing today (unfortunately) I have a presentation to do on issues facing the profession, and I think this poem will be a perfect intro to the presentation. It neatly summarizes all of the major issues we're facing staffing, working conditions etc.

    Thank you for sharing!!!

    PS I'll be sure to give you the credit as being the author!
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    I e-mailed Linda and asked for permission to copy this poem; this was her response:

    Hi Jenny. I must say I'm a little overwhelmed by the response. I had a feeling when I finished the poem it had something "else". Of course you may publish it. I
    checked with Canadian copyright laws and it states when an individual creates an original work, it is automatically protected by copyright. The response at my
    hospital was good, with the exception of our "clinical programmer" who said I needed to work on the rhyming.I read the poem to my sister and she got weepy eyed!
    She's not a nurse, but a physiotherapist!. Anyway I'm glad a lot of people are enjoying it. That's why sharing it is so rewarding.The power of words! Bye, Linda

    Just thought I'd share her response in case anyone else was interested in copying it for work, newspapers, etc.

    Once again, thank you, Linda, for sharing this with all of us.

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