Nurses and stress

  1. I am a student at Purdue University and son of a nurse. I am pursuing a degree in Public Health and am doing a research project on Nurses and stress if anyone who has time to fill out a short survey it would be greatly appreciated and feel free to share with others the link will be below.

    I would appreciate any comments if I am missing any other issues that can lead to more research or problems leading to stress.
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    Took your survey
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    Hello. I answered the interesting questions on your survey. If your research question consists of "is there a relationship between professional nursing work and stress?", you probably will not have any difficulty in measuring a definite relationship. One idea for further research is to study the relationship between professional nursing stress and stress management classes. The focus of most inservice education for professional nurses tends to be about important topics other than stress management ( medications, treatments,emergency skills,patient advocate issues, and nursing staff management challenges). Maybe in your research you could make a good "case" for public health officials to highly advise employers to provide periodic stress management classes for all high stress level employees such as police, fire fighters, and nurses? Best wishes.
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    Thank you all for the help and taking the survey really appreciate the feedback and help in moving the the survey.
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    Took your survey.
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    Took your survey...Good luck!