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Well, I graduated with an associate's degree, and passed my NCLEX in January. I've been working in an LTC since Feburary. I have an opportunity to return to school, and I've already been accepted to a local college to complete... Read More

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    I have been browsing PA and NP programs. Since I am a RN, it looks to be more convenient to go to NP school, but I just wish there were more face to face programs near by. My good friend is graduating from NP school in May. we were discusssing the clinical hour requirements. The requirement is around 750hrs and Im sure that varies. We both agreed the required hours should be more. According to her, you cannot compare being a staff RN to advanced practice and working as a mid-level provider. The way of thinking is completely different. I think instead of the BON contiplating on making it a requirement to obatin a DNP, they should require a residency or more clinical hours. The PA programs I have been looking at require way more sciences and offer more clinical time in different areas. My friend attends George Washington University & she has only completed clinical hours in a clinic setting. In fact, I have another friend in NP school at UAB and it is the same. PA students go through several rotations and receive OR expierence. The MDs I speak with about this respect both professions and hire either or. I do not feel one is better than the other, they are both essential to healthcare. I think it all depends on what works for you. Personally, I would want the feedback of a MD, esp. as a new grad. If a person wants to be completely independent and make more money, than go to medical school and become a medical doctor.

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    Great thread. Just wanted to say thanks to Coreo0 and others for taking the time to add your experience and insight.

    I'm currently researching paths between MBA, NP/DNP or PA.

    Threads like this help immensely.
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