Nurse Competencies

  1. Ok my facility is currently in the process of updating how we document and store our nurse competencies.
    We are trying to make it more streamlined and accessible.
    Does any one have ANY knowledge of a system/software (or anything!!!) that will allow electronic storage of nurse competencies? We are looking to have our completed staff competencies scanned and uploaded-somewhere....The point is to be able to access copies of any given competency for any given employee since paper copies have a way of disappearing...

    If you work in a VA facility I would really be interested in how you accomplish standardization/storage of your comps..

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  3. by   CandyApple26
    Not sure if this is relevant, but we use HealthStream.
  4. by   Stormy_RN
    Quote from CandyApple26
    Not sure if this is relevant, but we use HealthStream.
    Interesting...and you use it for all of your mandatory annual trainings as well?
  5. by   melstei
    We use HealthStream, Mosby's Skills and Mosby's Nursing Consult
  6. by   vanburbian
    We use "E +" a program designed by Cornerstone On Demand. We have 5 hospitals, in 2 different states, and we do all of our training, competencies, etc on it. We can do it from home, or at work, via internet connection.
  7. by   honeykrown
    we just started healthstream and its no bother than we cant do it from home. just make sure whatever you do, your nurses are able to access it during their time
  8. by   MrChicagoRN
    One Staff scheduling system had this capacity (different name for newer versions)

    Check with your software rep & see if this is available